I slowly roll out of bed from the comfort of my burrito-ed quilt. I put my shirt on not caring that it’s backwards or inside out. I sit on the edge of my bed, take a deep breath, and make my way downstairs.

Some days, you put your hair in a high ponytail through your baseball cap, smile, and tackle the world. Other days, you just want to curl into a blanket to turn your brain off for just a moment.

Chocolate chip cookies baked last night for breakfast with a large black coffee, it’s come to this. The struggle is real!! But when I see my crying munchkin finally comforted and napping peacefully, my heart is filled with joy.

Post napping baby:

I love quick and easy recipes, especially when you have maybe 20 minutes before the munchkin opens her eyes with a smile.

Thank you for this one Justine Schofield!