Oh the days of yore, when you had to sanitize water by means of boiling, then cooling, then redoing it all every day. Worse is running out of this liquid gold at stupid o’clock when baby is most hungry. It doesn’t seem like a big humbug, but when you’re sleep deprived AND forgetful AND have a crying hungry baby…Yeah nuff said.

Oh I was that person that said, ‘nup, not me, I won’t forget.’ Sorry mate, there’s always that one time where things just pile up and innocently enough, it slipped your mind.

But, do do doooo!! This amazing must have if bub is on formula is a gizmo sent from the heavens above. Two clicks and a shake, literally, and bub has a perfect set temperature, sanitized, easy on mum, bottle ready to go, from nothing but tap water. 

Look ladies, (or dudes if you’re reading this trying to figure out how to make life easier for the wifey), this machine is seriously awesome!! 7-10 bottles a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, equals a shite ton of bottles! All I’m saying is that this magical goodness saved me and my partner a ton of time planning and doing things related to feeding a hungry baby. And now that she’s on solids, and thus water, it’s perfect for serving up sippy cups full of sanitized water in a moment.

Now if only it did coffee too…..