Dear munchkin,

Hello my beautiful baby. You are going to be 8 months on Sunday and you’re already standing on your own trying to take steps. My heart is so full because of you, you make me laugh everyday xx.

Your mummy got me this creative book for my birthday and one of the questions is what advice would I give my younger self. These are things that I still struggle with as an adult, some I’ve learned and happily accepted, others I’m still working through. Whilst this is about looking back on my life, I hope that these are some words that can lead you in the right direction, when maybe the path in front of you looks a little cloudy.

I love you with everything that is me, you’re going to grow up into a strong and beautiful woman. Great things are ahead for you my little munchkin.

Love always,

“Dear Younger Me,

The best advice that I can give you is to believe in yourself. You’ve wasted so much energy worrying about what others think that you haven’t figured out who you really are. You’ve wasted so much energy doubting yourself and not believing in yourself, you’ve actually made huge decisions in your life that was not your own. Trying to please mom and dad, or trying to make everyone happy, that you’ve put your own happiness last.

Another piece of advice is not being afraid. Do not be afraid to say no to what you don’t really want to do. Do not be afraid to be alone, because you’ll figure out how much stronger you are when you can only rely on yourself. Do not be afraid to say yes to the risks and chances. You’ll grow from them and some may even lead to opportunities. Do not be afraid to say yes to the adventures, they will put you out of your comfort zone, but that’s what you need to grow.

Do not, above all, do not be afraid to fail. You’ve stopped yourself from trying so many things because you were afraid to fail, to ‘quit one more thing.’ You cannot learn what you love, until you learn what you do not love. Try as many things as you want, if it doesn’t work, move on. When you move on, you make room for something better.

Lastly, learn to be your best friend, your biggest cheerleader. Often times, you are your own worst enemy. Imagine what you can do if you are your biggest supporter. Encourage yourself to keep going, you’ll thank yourself later.”