With the munchkin going through her next leap or development, we wanted to get her a cubby to encourage her to crawl through things and climb. But we’re the type of people who’d rather spend cheap, cos let’s face it, kids’ interests change day to day as they grow.

We found this cubby for sale on Facebook for $50, normally priced around $140. Whilst it’s an outdoor play set, we’re keeping it in doors for now. Naturally it had normal weather wear and tear leaving the paint faded.

With a quick trip to Bunnings, we bought SQUIRTS spray paint (used for plastics like kids outdoor play sets) and some sand paper.

DIY here we go. We hosed down the play set first to get rid of any dirt and grit, then with soap and warm water, we did a quick scrub on everything to get any stubborn bits of dirt still stuck on. Next, we did a very quick sand paper rub to ensure the paint would stick on better, a quick rinse, and let dry. Add a coat of spray paint and voila! Looks pretty damn good if I say so myself. 

All in all, it took about 1-2 hours of manual labour including the paint job. And to be honest, it was actually a pretty fun and easy project to do. 

Can’t wait for the next DIY!!